letting go…

I forgive you…..

For all the instances you let me down

For all  the times you weren’t around

For all the paths I walked alone

For all the battles I fought alone

For all the things you did me wrong

For all the pains I carried along

For all the days I longed for you

For all the nights when I was blue

For all the words that were said

For all the tears that I shed

For all the reasons that we fought

For all the blames that I got

For all the apologies that I made

For all the times you betrayed

All those moments that were lost

 And wasted like a melting frost

Are running down my cheeks now

And for one last time, I allow

You to make me feel this way


And I forgive you…..



I let my feet touch

The damp cold ground

I shut my ears as such

To keep the sound

Of the world aside

And despite the pain

I let the rain

Fall briskly on my skin

Hitting every cell of my being

Drop by drop

Again and again


Completely drenched now

Shivering in the cold

Yet I felt warm somehow

As a divine heat flooded my soul

Making it whole,

Once again….


Among the woods on a quiet night,
Roamed a soul along a heath
Her body covered with the frost,
Hiding the pain that lay beneath

Her battered wings telling the tale
Of an angel who fought so long,
Her teary eyes reflecting a heart
Kind, caring, sweet yet strong.

Her feet were tired, her soul weary,
Yet she walked battling the cold,
Not afraid that she would be seen
Shedding the tears that were always controlled

A ray of light appearing from the mountains,
Turned the night into a day…
The paths of the woods remained the same
But she had found a new way!!