Today I roamed…..

Like a bird in the sky

Going up so high

Beyond the limits of your eye

Today I played…..

Like a child with a toy

Everything but coy

In a world of peace and joy

Today I lived…….

Like the fierce old sea

Full of life and free

If you saw, you would agree


…………All because I am a woman………..

I am a bird free to fly

who chooses her nest over the sky

I am the light, the early morning glow

Hidden behind the mountains, covered by the snow

I am the fruit bearing a seed,

destroying myself to preserve my breed

I am the love in a mother’s eyes,

A gentle truth surrounded by lies

I am the warmth in a lover’s hug,

A silent promise, a tender touch

I am the flower, blooming throughout

The heat, the cold, the rain, the drought

I am the reason for tears and joys

Yet a reasonless, silenced voice

I am a child loyal for life

A caring mother, a faithful wife

I am a friend, always by your side,

Sent by the angels, the Creator’s pride