Today I roamed…..

Like a bird in the sky

Going up so high

Beyond the limits of your eye

Today I played…..

Like a child with a toy

Everything but coy

In a world of peace and joy

Today I lived…….

Like the fierce old sea

Full of life and free

If you saw, you would agree


My existence……..

I am the world, the world is me

I am the dream that I see

I was not born, nor will I die

I am as old as the time and the sky

I will remain till they remain

Nature is but one and the same

The moment I cease to exist

This flow of time will not persist

The harmony of the creation relies on me

The soul of the universe lies within me

The body you see is mortal and weak

It is not me, it has to leave

When it goes back to where it came from

Do not think my life is gone

I will be here somewhere around

As the wind, the stars, the rain drops falling down…………