A memory frozen in time

Those brown eyes alive as ever

The smile that fades never

That face of a four year old

Looks at me, through time’s million folds


The innocence of that face

Takes me back in time to a place

That no longer exists now

But manages to stay in my memory somehow


She asks me how I lived her life

I’m not sure…did I do it right?

Those years that passed between that picture and me

Did I do justice to them? Asks my frozen memory



Hi all!! I’m sorry for being away for so long. I was quite busy and was also having a bit of a writer’s block. Thank you for all the comments on my previous posts. I promise to reply and visit each and every one of you when I have the time.

I hope you liked this poem about a childhood picture of mine 🙂

Lots of love to all xoxoxo



In a city that never sleeps,

I walked, lost in my thoughts so deep,

Oblivious to the crowd and the buildings,

Or to the rally of vehicles and their beeps

The streets look new; never seen before,

With their lights and turns and department stores,

Was this the place I grew up in,

played and laughed? ; not familiar anymore.

Gone is the playground and in it the ice-cream stall

On its place lies a mega mall……..

The sky no more sees the ascend of colourful kites

It has ended up being a vast empty wall

The pavement lined with trees, now left only with one or two

No one recalls that, or cares about it; just too many things to do

That banyan tree where we played hide and seek is no more there

Like the city and me, it must have got lost too….


Some things cannot be forgotten,

Like the aroma coming from mum’s kitchen,

The music being played in the old radio,

The song that takes you down the memory lane

And brings a smile on your face,

The smell of the soil upon being hit by the first drop of rain,

The swaying of the leaves to the rhythm of the winds,

Those blissful raindrops coming from the heavens and landing on your palm,

Those dews on the rose petals on December mornings,

The fog, the cold and your shivering hands,

The first ray of sun bringing warmth to the entire creation,

Those quiet moments under the study lamp with a beautiful novel in your hand,

The occasional barking of the dogs, the bright moon entering through the window,

That couch, that blanket, the cold air of winter mornings

The irrational sibling fights, the reasonless laughter

Those twilight zones, the sense of completeness, those moments of peace

Some things are just not made to be forgotten……….