An organised chaos

Expecting the unexpected

While anticipating serendipity

Hoping against hope

Right from the core of divided integrity

Aware of the possible impossibility

In a realistic dream

Hence a room for a calculated error

In a planned unforeseen

Although hopelessly optimistic

Yet confidently unsure

Due to the fear of a deliberate mistake

With an intention almost pure

Despite the randomised pattern

In this peaceful fight

With myself, I’ve agreed to disagree

Now left with an obscure insight


memories of the night

It’s twelve midnight

As this urge I fight

To go near him

Drawn by his endearing sight


His body radiates a heat

I give in unable to beat

The magic of his persona

Always a delicious treat


Over him my fingers run

And then begins the endless fun

He shows me the world

As I sit here, stunned!


We share a connection so deep

But there’s a time to sow and a time to reap

So good night for today Mr. Laptop

You and I should both go to sleep!!!