Take me with you my angel
To a place nobody knows,
Where the sea of hatred ends
And the river of love flows

Take me to your land
Where my soul resides,
Where fear loses its grip
And hope becomes my guide

Take me to the winds
Carry me along as you fly,
Let my wishes be my wings
And my dreams the never ending sky

Hold me my angel
And always do so,
Never leave me alone
Even when life lets me go



This is an old but a very special poem of mine…it is one of the first poems I wrote when I tried my hand at poetry around two years back 🙂



I let my feet touch

The damp cold ground

I shut my ears as such

To keep the sound

Of the world aside

And despite the pain

I let the rain

Fall briskly on my skin

Hitting every cell of my being

Drop by drop

Again and again


Completely drenched now

Shivering in the cold

Yet I felt warm somehow

As a divine heat flooded my soul

Making it whole,

Once again….

The caged bird

Hear my cries,
Set me free….
This cage is not
Where I’m supposed to be

Let me fly
In the open sky,
For I did no crime
To stay here inside

To you,
My chirping may sound sweet
But for me,
It is agony that comes out of my beak

My pleas go unheard,
And my tears unseen,
Yet I carry a soul
That is wise, hopeful and serene

I may be small,
My wings may not be strong
But someday I’ll reach the sky,
‘cos that’s where I belong!!!!


Give me no dreams of the clouds

Hold me close, when I cry

Give me no promise of forever

Stay with me till I die

Bring no stars from up above

Be my light when it’s dark

Bring no colours from the sky

Paint me with the love in your heart

Throw me no clever lines

Stand by me, when it calls

Build no castles for me

Protect me from   downs and falls

Ride no horse, carry no sword

Come to me as you are

Climb no stairs, throw no pebbles

Meet me when hope seems far