The sound of it still lingers

The bits and pieces still scattered

The pain that came, when it shattered

From the eyes, flowing down like a river

Now dried up with the warmth of time

But still cold as ice, in a corner of mind

A revived memory from a forgotten past

An illusion that wouldn’t last

Like a vase, it broke

With one single movement

Never to be the same again

Never would it mend

Ended up on the floor like molecules of dust

Now blown away by the wind, is what I called TRUST




Take me with you my angel
To a place nobody knows,
Where the sea of hatred ends
And the river of love flows

Take me to your land
Where my soul resides,
Where fear loses its grip
And hope becomes my guide

Take me to the winds
Carry me along as you fly,
Let my wishes be my wings
And my dreams the never ending sky

Hold me my angel
And always do so,
Never leave me alone
Even when life lets me go



This is an old but a very special poem of mine…it is one of the first poems I wrote when I tried my hand at poetry around two years back 🙂


Today I roamed…..

Like a bird in the sky

Going up so high

Beyond the limits of your eye

Today I played…..

Like a child with a toy

Everything but coy

In a world of peace and joy

Today I lived…….

Like the fierce old sea

Full of life and free

If you saw, you would agree

an encounter

He looks at me straight in the eye

Watching me as my pupils dilate

And my facial muscles go stiff

Exposing my vulnerable state

I’m sure he hears the sound

Of my screams as he comes near

And my heart that pounds crazily

Inside my hyperventilating chest with fear

He aims his flight right on my head

Phew! I duck as he approaches

And there he goes out of the window

Oh dear! These cockroaches!!!


I let my feet touch

The damp cold ground

I shut my ears as such

To keep the sound

Of the world aside

And despite the pain

I let the rain

Fall briskly on my skin

Hitting every cell of my being

Drop by drop

Again and again


Completely drenched now

Shivering in the cold

Yet I felt warm somehow

As a divine heat flooded my soul

Making it whole,

Once again….

………never apart……

The winds that blow through my hair

Must have surely touched you

The moon that stares at me tonight

Must be watching you too

These drizzling raindrops in the dark

That gently hit my face

Must have passed through your hands

Sometime, in some distant place

The flying pollens in the garden

Bring to me your fragrance

You must have seen them flying too

You must have felt their presence

The dreams that take me to you

Must have knocked on your heart

Tying us with a bond so strong

Like we were never apart…………..

…………All because I am a woman………..

I am a bird free to fly

who chooses her nest over the sky

I am the light, the early morning glow

Hidden behind the mountains, covered by the snow

I am the fruit bearing a seed,

destroying myself to preserve my breed

I am the love in a mother’s eyes,

A gentle truth surrounded by lies

I am the warmth in a lover’s hug,

A silent promise, a tender touch

I am the flower, blooming throughout

The heat, the cold, the rain, the drought

I am the reason for tears and joys

Yet a reasonless, silenced voice

I am a child loyal for life

A caring mother, a faithful wife

I am a friend, always by your side,

Sent by the angels, the Creator’s pride


Some things cannot be forgotten,

Like the aroma coming from mum’s kitchen,

The music being played in the old radio,

The song that takes you down the memory lane

And brings a smile on your face,

The smell of the soil upon being hit by the first drop of rain,

The swaying of the leaves to the rhythm of the winds,

Those blissful raindrops coming from the heavens and landing on your palm,

Those dews on the rose petals on December mornings,

The fog, the cold and your shivering hands,

The first ray of sun bringing warmth to the entire creation,

Those quiet moments under the study lamp with a beautiful novel in your hand,

The occasional barking of the dogs, the bright moon entering through the window,

That couch, that blanket, the cold air of winter mornings

The irrational sibling fights, the reasonless laughter

Those twilight zones, the sense of completeness, those moments of peace

Some things are just not made to be forgotten……….


Among the woods on a quiet night,
Roamed a soul along a heath
Her body covered with the frost,
Hiding the pain that lay beneath

Her battered wings telling the tale
Of an angel who fought so long,
Her teary eyes reflecting a heart
Kind, caring, sweet yet strong.

Her feet were tired, her soul weary,
Yet she walked battling the cold,
Not afraid that she would be seen
Shedding the tears that were always controlled

A ray of light appearing from the mountains,
Turned the night into a day…
The paths of the woods remained the same
But she had found a new way!!


My existence……..

I am the world, the world is me

I am the dream that I see

I was not born, nor will I die

I am as old as the time and the sky

I will remain till they remain

Nature is but one and the same

The moment I cease to exist

This flow of time will not persist

The harmony of the creation relies on me

The soul of the universe lies within me

The body you see is mortal and weak

It is not me, it has to leave

When it goes back to where it came from

Do not think my life is gone

I will be here somewhere around

As the wind, the stars, the rain drops falling down…………