And one fine day….

She looked ugly, she looked bad

Or so they said, ain’t it rather sad?

And all her life, she lived that way

Oh poor little duckling, what a price to pay

“She swims no good and she’s a duck”

They whispered and cursed her luck

“She looks no good”, the others said

“Her body is smaller than her head”

So she lived in a burrow hiding her face

Then one fine day, a miracle took place

She lost her ugly gray hair, all in one go

And instead grew feathers, as white as snow

She now became, what was meant to be

Not a duck, but a lovely swan you see!

And as they watched, much to their surprise

She gleamed to the colour of sunrise

And she soared, and she flew

To heavens, in sky bright and blue!



The sound of it still lingers

The bits and pieces still scattered

The pain that came, when it shattered

From the eyes, flowing down like a river

Now dried up with the warmth of time

But still cold as ice, in a corner of mind

A revived memory from a forgotten past

An illusion that wouldn’t last

Like a vase, it broke

With one single movement

Never to be the same again

Never would it mend

Ended up on the floor like molecules of dust

Now blown away by the wind, is what I called TRUST