The Perfect Poets 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 40

It’s a beautiful day

The spring is here

Let’s celebrate this season

Under the sky, bright and clear!!


Thanks to whoever nominated me and congratulations to the other winners.  I nominate Silvertongue and Jingle for Poetry Rally Week 41


The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 35



A mixture of passion and emotions

A combination of words and rhyme

Poetry, is what binds us all

Through the tests of time!!


Thank you Jingle and everyone else for liking my work and for the award. I’d like to nominate

dancingfreak and Jingle for this week’s rally. Happy rallying!!!




The Perfect Poet Award Week 29 Acceptance

My poem  The caged bird received an award at the The Perfect Poet Award Week 29  . Thank you all for the support and your ever inspiring comments. And I’d like to say a special thanks to Jingle for organizing the rally and making me a part of it.

I humbly accept the award and would like to nominate Jingle (Poetry Is a Passion) and Jamie (Communing With Snake) for this week’s rally. I’ll post more nominations soon as I read more poems.

Come travel with me

As I take this ride

Into the world of peace

Leaving behind a false pride


Let go of that hatred

Flush it down the drain

Build a new positivity

The only way to remain sane


Respect others’ ideas

Even if you don’t agree

Kill that jealousy

Set your soul free


The attempt to change the world

Begins with a small tread

Let’s all get together and make this change

Like MJ once said :

Heal the world

Make it a better place

For you and for me

And the entire human race!!!

Jingle’s Sweet Princess Award

This Sweet Princess award was given to me by Jingle. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for all she has been doing to help us share our works with others and for introducing me to some wonderful people. Thank you so much Jingle….your words of encouragement, your rally and your awards are always appreciated. I’d like to pass this award on to you and all the other beautiful “poetry princesses” we have in this community.

Happy Poetry everyone 🙂